Rome Travel Plans: Where to Start?

January 2, 2012

I’m planning to spend a few days in Rome at the tail end of a guided Europe tour this month, so I wanted to do some research to decide what to see so I can maximize my time and see as much as possible. I’ve been to Rome before and hit most of the major sites and will see them again on the guided tour portion of my trip, but I wanted to spend my extra 2 days on my own seeing more of the local favorites and possibly taking a day trip. Also, the last time I was in Rome was in the month of August so many of the local places I tried to visit on that trip were closed as that is apparently a huge vacation month…I didn’t do my research well then, this time I’m determined to be ahead of the curve. ;)

There are SO many sites offering tips and tricks for Rome travel, but the sites I’ve found to be most helpful so far are:

#1: Amanda Ruggeri’s Rome Revealed

Her site has great blog posts on the best local eats, shopping, and day trips from Rome.  I’ve jotted down a few local restaurants, vintage stores, and gelateria’s after reading her recommendations and am excited to experience them for myself.

#2: Lonely Planet

I haven’t really used Lonely Planet’s travel resources much, but I’m so glad I decided to browse through their site.  While the city overviews were good, particularly the lists of Things to Do, the forums were EXTREMELY helpful.  Just about any question I had about how to get around, day trips, and things to do I found answers to in their forums from real travelers and most of the answers were extremely thorough in breaking down the pros and cons of different options (train vs. bus to a destination).  I actually loved the info on their site so much that I downloaded their Italy Country Guide to my Kindle and am looking forward to having that digitally at my fingertips as I travel.

What are your go-to sites for Europe/Italy travel?

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