Sonoma, California

February 7, 2012

I’ve driven through it once or twice and was excited to finally go there this weekend for my friend Deanna’s birthday.  Driving from Napa over to Sonoma is always beautiful.  I love how this part of the world is gorgeous no matter the season or weather.  Since its February the vines are dead which would seem dreary, but most of the vineyards allow mustard to grow wild in the fields blooming bright sunshine yellow all over the hills.

Down the Vines in spring

Sonoma is a small town and has always looked so cute as Deanna and I have driven through it, but it was definitely disappointing….or maybe we’re just not old enough to enjoy it. ;)  Most of the stores were kitschy and catering to an older audience so we walked through the town quickly as we weren’t interested in stopping at many of the shops.

However, I will not throw Sonoma out for several reasons:

1)      We were finally able to visit The Girl and the Fig which we’ve been talking about for years since I first read about it on Bay Area Bites (yes, I obsess over food blogs from cities hundreds of miles from me) and it was exactly as amazing as I had hoped.  The cocktails were so perfect that in some mad bliss I vowed to make a new cocktail a week for a year…errr? We’ll see about that.

Bourbon and Bacon Cocktail

2)      The fair trade store!  We had some time before our reservation at The Girl and the Fig so we wandered over to Baksheesh and picked up some CUTE items like this $3 leather ring and the most adorable finger puppets I have ever seen. I spent 20 minutes sorting through a giant basket of crocheted animals, bugs and people trying to decide on 5 for my little niece.  And really, bugs?! I know these were made by women in a 3rd world country but somehow I don’t see a child being thrilled by a larger than life cockroach finger puppet despite the intricacy of attaching so many legs… ;)

I wear it backwards because I like this side better. =)

Cutey finger puppets and the other side of the ring.

3)      Wine tasting.  Yes, we were coming from Napa valley where you can’t drive more than 100 yards without passing a winery, but since we didn’t do any tastings here (having filled up on amazing cocktails at The Girl and the Fig) I would be happy to go back to check out some of their tasting rooms.

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