2012 Travels & 2013 Goals

January 22, 2013
Gaudi Park, Barcelona

I feel like every year is so crazy different recently, I never know what’s coming at me (or maybe that’s my refusal/inability to plan more than a month or two out), and 2012 ended up being an awesome travel year for me. So many amazing experiences, and quite a few that I was absolutely not expecting.

My 2012 Travel Round-up:

Mediterranean Highlights Tour

I had the opportunity to kick off 2012 with two weeks on Contiki’s Mediterranean Highlights tour checking out Spain, France, Monaco, Italy & Vatican City while meeting awesome people from around the world. That’s one way to set the travel bar high for the rest of the year!

Favorite parts:

  • Biking around Barcelona checking out all of the art – particularly Gaudi!
  • Driving along the French Riviera.
  • Shopping at local markets before picnicking in Nice.
  • Dance parties on the coach. ;)
  • Meeting up with my friend D and her husband after the tour and crashing their honeymoon for a few days while we explored more of Rome.

Pisa, Italy

Gaudi Park, Barcelona

Napa Trips

My love for Napa and wine country is no secret.  2012 brought me there twice and I had the chance to explore new places and share favorite spots with first timers. Best!

Napa Valley Tree

Portland, OR for St. Patrick’s Day

Just cause. ;)

McMenamins Edgefield Estates
Grand Canyon Restoration Project with the Travel Corporation & Tourism Cares

Doing restoration work at the Grand Canyon AND stopping for some crazy food and a jeep ride in Sedona, AZ.

Grand Canyon

Sedona, AZ

Maui, Hawaii

I’m not very good at unplugging on vacations…until this trip.  Maui is honestly the first place I’ve traveled to where I couldn’t stand to leave and was seriously entertaining ideas of falling off the grid and living out my days in a rainforest hut subsisting on island fruit and seafood. Someday.

Road to Hana, Maui, Hawaii

Falling Water

I finally got to visit Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright (as an adult, not freezing on a second grade field trip)!  So many amazing details.

Falling Water

I must admit – I had zero interest in traveling to South America (I know, I know, there are just so MANY places on my list!), but when a crazy airfare sale came through and it was cheaper for me to go to South America than to take a domestic flight…South America it was. The Andes stole my heart.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Moray, Peru

London, Bath, & Stonehenge

Tacked a day trip to Stonehenge on the end of a work trip and had the chance to walk around Christmas markets in Bath.


Woohoo! Checked some big travel icons off my list in 2012 and decided to set up some 2013 travel goals that aren’t focused on iconic sites, but instead on new cities/countries.

My 2013 travel goals are:

  • Boston, MA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Eastern Europe Contiki trip
  • Norway

We’ll see how I do trying to save up vacation time and planning to hit specific destinations instead of just following the best travel deals. I’m so impulsive. ;)

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