Napa Weekend: Family & Gardens

May 22, 2013

So apparently you have to plan for this wedding stuff. Ideally we’d love to get married in Napa (and by ‘we’ I mean me, Matt would always prefer a pirate ship).  I wanted to lay eyes on Napasome venue options to make a decision before they are sold out so I hopped on a plane for a quick weekend trip to check a few out (yay flight deals so I didn’t have to drive 7 hours!).

Napa became so important to me after visiting a close friend of mine there many times over the last few years.  I’m continually amazed at how beautiful Napa is in every season and am just head over heels for that little piece of the world with so much PRETTY. I’d drive up from Orange County after work to visit my girlfriend for a weekend when I could. Somehow I managed to forcibly adopt myself into her family by showing up in the middle of the night like a lost cat. From jam sessions in the shed, to coming outside to find my car detailed, to delicious home cooked family dinners filled with laughter…I quickly started looking forward to seeing my Napa family just as much as my friend.

When I arrived in Napa this weekend their Mom had planned out some wedding venues to look at and her and I spent the day checking them out.  One of the venues we went to look at was Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma. Wow. The pictures on their site don’t do it justice and neither will these below, but I just wanted to highlight some of my favorite glimpses of their gallery-style gardens.  Each garden features different landscape designers and architects and it’s really fun to see how each one uses their garden space. Perk: it’s FREE to walk around and explore!

Crystal Trees

Crystal Trees – Love the view of the vineyards in the background


Bird houses

Lily Pond + Vineyards

Lily Pond + Vineyards

They also have fun play spaces for kids and so many more cool landscape art installations. A must-see in Sonoma.

The next day was mother’s day and we headed out to see the Napa Country Iris Garden where they have tons of different Irises planted in a display garden. You can see them up close and then buy the bulbs…or just picnic on the beautiful grounds as we saw a few families doing.  It was the end of the season so there weren’t as many blooms left, but I managed to find a pretty one.




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