What I Would do in Five Days in Queensland

June 22, 2013

If you’re like me then one of the hardest parts of planning a vacation is figuring out how to fit as many sights as you can into just a few days.  If you’re traveling to Queensland it gets even tougher with so many amazing world heritage sites to see.  After looking through many of the beautiful places and crazy cool experiences that Queensland has to offer I’m pretty confident that with only five travel days I’d hop off the plane, grab some Aussie coffee (I’ve heard rumors it’s way better than your typical US brew), and head out to check these sights off my list:


Fraser Island

Fraser Island

This Island towards the South of Queensland is the largest sand island in the world and beautiful in that it’s not just sand, it also has lakes and rainforest to explore. I would love to camp here in this place called K’Gari in the aboriginal language – literally translated: paradise.


Found some Bundaberg in California!


The truth is out, I’m Bundaberg obsessed. Since my first taste of the crisp, gingery goodness that is Bundaberg ginger beer I’ve sought out new flavors and kept track of just about every store in my area that carries Bundaberg, though they usually have a very limited selection. I was SO excited to find out that Bundaberg is actually a town in Queensland and that you can go visit the Bundaberg Barrel and learn how their ginger beer is brewed + taste all their different flavors! Their site says they have about eleven flavors – I’m so curious now because I’ve only tasted three so far!

The Whitsundays

The Whitsundays

With 74 islands making up the Whitsundays it’s understandable why sailing is such a popular option. I’d love to sail these islands, swim in the warm water, shamelessly roll in the gorgeous white sand of Whitehaven beach, and kick back with a drink in a bungalow on Hamilton Island. I. can’t. stop. staring. at. this. picture. #bucketlist

Dive the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Because I enjoy having my breath taken away.  There are so many ways to experience the Great Barrier Reef, but as a scuba diver I can’t NOT do this.  This the largest reef system in the world made up of over 2,900 individual coral reefs. I thought diving with sea turtles in Hawaii was awesome. I can’t even imagine potentially diving with turtles in Queensland…and around 1,600 of their fish friends. Extra fun fact: the Great Barrier Reef is the only living organism visible from SPACE. Like outerspace. Seriously.

Daintree Rainforest

Daintree National Park

The Daintree rainforest is unique as the oldest tropical rainforest in the world. I’d love to see and learn more about the wildlife and history of this area while getting in some outdoor fun like ziplining from the top of the jungle canopy or getting a view from below floating in the Daintree River.

Learn about Aboriginal culture in North Queensland

Get Cultured

I love learning about the cultural history of each place I travel to and in North Queensland there’s no shortage of cultural activities. From hiking with a local guide to checking out an Aboriginal art gallery I know I’ll leave with a new appreciation for Queensland and all its many facets.



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