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Fat Tuesday Paczkis in Orange County

February 21, 2012

I look forward to Fat Tuesday because to me with my Polish heritage and sweet tooth it is the day of the paczki.  I could care less about beads. After much searching it turns out the Polka Deli in Orange is the only place to get good Polish foods in the OC/LA area, and once a year they have paczkis made by a bakery in LA and sell them at the deli.  That seems like a lot of area to only have one Polish Deli, but I’m from Pittsburgh and used to being able to chuck a kielbasa in any direction and hit a Pollock so I’m a little biased.

What is this great delicacy you may ask? Paczki’s are like a jelly doughnut, but with fruit filling and the dough is much richer and more amazing than your average doughnut. Sorry Dunkin.  The big hubbub about making them on Fat Tuesday is because it’s the last day to party and use up all of the food stuffs you’ll be giving up for Lent—like sugar.  I don’t celebrate Lent, but I’m a huge fan of sugar and things that happen once a year making this one of my favorite days of the year.  (If you’re in a more Polish neighborhood you can get them throughout the year, but they’re traditionally the thing to have on Fat Tuesday).

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Sonoma, California

February 7, 2012

I’ve driven through it once or twice and was excited to finally go there this weekend for my friend Deanna’s birthday.  Driving from Napa over to Sonoma is always beautiful.  I love how this part of the world is gorgeous no matter the season or weather.  Since its February the vines are dead which would seem dreary, but most of the vineyards allow mustard to grow wild in the fields blooming bright sunshine yellow all over the hills.

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