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Hiking at Big Bear Lake, CA

April 6, 2013

In February we went up to Big Bear for the weekend with a group of friends and decided to skip on the crazy crowded Saturday slopes to go hiking instead. We headed to the Discovery Center and hiked the Cougar Crest trail.  The trail is 2.5 miles each way and a pretty easy hike without anything too steep.  What we weren’t expecting was all of the mud! The sun came out and the snow started melting and we shortly found ourselves hiking in slush and mud.  Thankfully I had my all time favorite waterproof Sorel Tivoli boots so I didn’t have to worry about cold, slush, or mud…some fellow hikers were not so lucky. ;)

In love.

It’s a beautiful trail and I fully indulged my tree obsession from taking pictures of them to climbing them. Continue Reading…

4 Things I Wish I’d Packed On My Trip to Europe

March 14, 2012

I recently came back from a two week guided tour in Europe and thought I’d share the 4 things that would have made my trip so much better if I had thought to pack them!

Coin purse

For next time I’ll either buy a coin purse when I arrive at my destination (cool souvenir!) or buy one before I leave like these cute coin purses I found on Etsy:

Fortune Cookie Change Purse!

Continue Reading…

I Brake For Packaging

January 4, 2012

There are only 2 days left until I head off for Europe and I found myself last night ready to pack, but with only an extra-large suitcase or a duffel bag on hand.  I really want to travel light on this trip, so I went out in search of a carry on suitcase with the option to unzip and expand to add a few inches of space.

I ended up at Marshall’s since they have a great inexpensive luggage section staring at these 3 suitcases of the same price and comparable features:


One guess as to which one I walked out with. ;)

The deciding point? I can put stickers on the hard case!